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China is rich in tourist attractions. Delicious foods are an attraction indispensable in a good tour. With a long history, unique features, numerous styles and exquisite cooking, Chinese cuisine is one important constituent part of Chinese culture. Chinese dishes are famous for color, aroma, taste, meaning and appearance.

The following are the eight most popular dishes among foreigners and Chinese. For customers’ convenience, we also list their Chinese character names and English pronunciations. These eight dishes are sweet and sour pork (chicken), gong bao chicken, ma po tofu, wontons, dumplings, spring rolls, chow mein and Peking duck. These dishes are available in most large restaurants in China.

Sweet and Sour Pork

Sweet and sour pork (糖醋里脊) has a bright orange-red color, and a delicious sweet and sour taste.
At the very beginning there was only sweet and sour pork, but to meet demands, there have been some developments on this dish. Now, the pork can be substituted by other ingredients like chicken, beef or pork ribs. Read the DIY recipes of sweet and sour pork ribs. See How to Cook Sweet and Sour Pork.

Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Ppao Chicken (宫保鸡丁) is a famous Sichuan-style specialty, popular with both Chinese and foreigners. The major ingredients are diced chicken, dried chili, and fried peanuts.
People in Western countries have created a Western-style gong bao chicken, for which the diced chicken is covered with cornstarch, and vegetables, sweet and sour sauce and mashed garlic are added. See How to cook Gong Bao Chicken.
Ma Po Tofu

Ma po tofu (麻婆豆腐) is one of the most famous dishes in Chuan Cuisine with a history of more than 100 years. Ma (麻) describes a spicy and hot taste which comes from pepper powder, one kind of condiment usually used in Chuan Cuisine.
The milky tofu is enriched with brownish red ground beef and chopped green onion. It is really a tasty delicacy. Read the DIY recipes of ma po tofu. See How to Cook Ma Po Tofu.
Choose the most appropriate answer.

1.Who cooks food in your family when your Mom is away?

2.Where is John? – He is repairing his car in the garage.

3.I love this film. I have seen it four or five times already.

4.Have you visited any European countries? – Yes. I visited Spain and Italy two years ago.

5.She was cleaning the living room when she heard a strange noise in the kitchen.

6.I envy you. At five tomorrow you will be getting some tan on the beach at the seaside.

7.You arrived two days ago. You are going to leave next Sunday. By the time you leave, you will have spentnine days here.

8.Where is he? I have been waiting for him since three o'clock!

9.I went to Belgium last month. I had never been there before. It's a beautiful country.

10.He said that his mother would be very upset when she learned that he had lost his job.


1.I can't leave now. I am waiting for an important telephone call.

2.What does she do? – She plays the piano in a local orchestra.

3.He must be very hungry. He hasn't eaten anything in three days.

4.First he worked as a salesman, then as a night clerk, and after that he quit his job and became a writer.

5.I usually go to work by bus. It takes me about forty minutes to get to work by bus.

6.Yesterday my daughter flew in an airplane for the first time in her life. She had never flown in an airplane before.

7.Are you going to Lena's party? – No. I am staying home tonight. I'm a little tired.

8.She probably lost her keys while she was walking in the park.

9.Will the rain ever stop? It has been raining all day.

10.I will finish writing my report in an hour or so. Then we can go to a movie.


Fill in the correct form verb – All Tenses

 1. I saw a great film yesterday.
 2. Have you ever bought a new car?
3. I met him last Monday.
4. The band was playing while I was writing.
5. She bought the new car in 2005
6. Her mother has been living in Victoria for the past five years.
7. They had already been in Germany when we arrived a few days ago.
8. Are you planning to get married?
9. I haven’t had so much fun since I was a kid.
10. When I got up I looked out of the window and saw that it was raining.
11. Janet had been working for Smith and Brothers before she came to work for us.
12. I have seen three movies so far this week.
13. How long have you been waiting for me?
14. I flew over Loch Ness last week. - Did you see the Loch Ness monster?
15. I’m afraid I’m not hungry. I have already eaten.
 16. Peter was playing football in the afternoon when he got the call.
17. “What were you doing between 9 and 12 yesterday morning”, the detective said.
 18. He kept looking at her, wondering where he had seen her before.
19. The doctor’s waiting room was full of people. Some were reading a magazine, a woman was knitting and a child was playing with a doll. Suddenly the door opened and a nurse came out
 20. Travelling has become much easier and more comfortable in the past hundred years.
21. I have been baking cake. That’s why my hands are full of flour.
 22. When I first came to this house it was quite a noisy area.
 23. He twisted his ankle while he was skiing.
24. Do you ever lock the doors before you leave the house?
25. My best friend and I have known each other for 15 years.
26. Jack usually smokes but he doesn’t smoke when his father comes.
 27. Have you had breakfast yet? – Yes I had together with Sue at 7.
 28. I did this kind of work when I was a small boy.
29. He was reading the paper when his wife came home.
30. He has been speaking for an hour now. I’ll be finished soon.
 31. How long have you know John and Maria?- We met the couple over thirteen years ago
 32. He had been living in Oxford for two years and when his mother died he moved to London.
33. After Harry had finished his work he called Jude from the office.
34. You have been doing your homework for two hours. Haven’t you finished yet?
 35. He always goes to the supermarket alone, but today he is taking his son with him.
 36. He never works in the evening, only on Sundays.
37. I have never been to South America but I have been to New York several times.
38. Has anyone seen Jean? – No, she probably went to her friend’s place.
39. I went to the bank yesterday but when I got there it was closed.
40. She has been in school all day.
41. Lee has been late every day since Tuesday.
 42. Herbert’s father has never forgotten his son’s birthday

43. I didn’t finish my report because I had a problem with my computer.


Slide 66 ex f

If you invented something important, you would want to make money out of it, right? Most of us would want to make some money from the invention.It seems only fair - we did the work, so the money should be ours too.Many inventors who have had their inventions produced, have become rich and famous and we should not blame them for that.But have you heard Tun Berners-Lee?He invented the World Wide Web on the internet, one of the most important inventions of the last fifty years. Millions of lives have been changed by his introduction.When Tim Berners-Lee invented the Web, he made a promise to him - that he would not make any money out of it, and that he would give the invention to the world.He did, and now the Web belongs to all of us.Ask yourself what life would be like if the World Wide Web was not free. We should be grateful to Tim Berners-Lee, and thank him for his amazing gift to the world.


answer the questions

1.What do you like doing  in your free time
I like listening music
2.How ofthen you watch tv
I watching tv always
3.What tv proggs do you like to watch
I like watch Cybersport''computer games

Christmas in Spain
Most people in Spain go to Midnight Mass or 'La Misa Del Gallo' (The Mass of the Rooster). It is called this because a rooster is supposed to have crowed the night that Jesus was born. Christmas Eve is known as Nochebuena. In the days before Nochebuena, children might take part in 'piden el aguinaldo' where they go and sing carols around their neighbors hoping to get some money!
Most families eat their main Christmas meal on Christmas Eve before the service. The traditional Spanish Christmas dinner was 'Pavo Trufado de Navidad' which is Turkey stuffed with truffles (the mushrooms, not the chocolate ones!) or 'Pularda asada' (a roasted young hen), although they are not commonly eaten now. In Galicia (a region in north-west Spain, surrounded by water) the most popular meal for Christmas Eve and for Christmas Day is seafood. This can be all kinds of different seafood, from shellfish and mollusks, to lobster and small edible crabs.
Popular deserts and sweets include 'mazapán' (made of almonds, sugar and eggs), 'turrón' (made of honey and toasted almonds) and 'polvorones' (made of flour, butter and sugar).
After the midnight service, one old tradition was for people to walk through the streets carrying torches, playing guitars and beating on tambourines and drums. One Spanish saying is 'Esta noche es Noche-Buena, Y no Es noche de dormir' which means 'Tonight is the good night and it is not meant for sleeping!'
A few different languages are spoken in different regions in Spain. In Spanish Happy/Merry Christmas is 'Feliz Navidad'; in Catalan it's 'Bon Nadal'; in Galician 'Bo Nadal'; and in Basque (or Euskara in basque) 'Eguberri on'. Happy/Merry Christmas in lots more languages.
December 28th is 'Día de los santos inocentes' or 'Day of the Innocent Saints' and is very like April Fools Day in the UK and USA. People try to trick each other into believing silly stories and jokes. Newspapers and TV stations also run silly stories. If you trick someone, you can call them 'Inocente, inocente' which means 'innocent, innocent'. 28th December is when people all over the world remember the babies that were killed on the orders of King Herod when he was trying to kill the baby Jesus.
New Year's Eve is called 'Nochevieja' or 'The Old Night' in Spain and one special tradition is that you eat 12 grapes with the 12 strokes of the clock at Midnight! Each grape represents a month of the coming year, so if you eat the twelve grapes, you are said to be lucky in the new year.
Apart from Christmas, there is another festival that is celebrated in Spain that is about the Christmas Story. It is called Epiphany and is celebrated on 6th January. In Spanish, Epiphany is called 'Fiesta de Los tres Reyes Mages': in English this means 'The festival of the three Magic Kings'. Epiphany celebrates when the Kings or Wise men brought gifts to the baby Jesus.
Children have some presents on Christmas Day, but most are opened at Epiphany. Children believe that the Kings bring presents to them at Epiphany. They write letters to the Kings asking for toys and presents. And on Epiphany Eve (January 5th) they leave shoes on windowsills or balconies or under the Christmas Tree to be filled with presents. Gifts are often left by children for the Kings, a glass of Cognac for each King, a satsuma and some walnuts. Sometimes a bucket of water is left for the camels that bring the Kings! If the children have been bad, the Kings might leave pieces of coal made out of sugar in the presents!

Christmas in Catalonia

In the Catalonia province of Spain there's a Christmas character called 'Tió de Nadal' (the Christmas log) or he's sometimes known as 'Caga tio' (the pooping log!). It's a small hollow log propped up on two legs with a smiling face painted on one end. From the 8th December (the Feast of the Immaculate Conception) Catalan families gives the log a few morsels of food to 'eat' and a blanket to keep it warm. On Christmas Day or Christmas Eve, the log then 'gives out' small gifts! People sing a special song and hit the log with sticks to help its 'digestion' and the log drops sweets, nuts, and dried fruits. When garlic or an onion falls out of the log, all of the treats are finished for the year.

10 Best Shopping Streets In The World
  1.       Fifth Avenue, New York City (NY), United States – The fifth avenue in Manhattan is packed with expensive department stores and designer boutiques and is ranked among the most expensive shopping streets in the world. It is known as the best shopping street in New York, with spectacular window displays, especially around Christmas

   2. Bond Street, London, England – This major shopping street in the West End of London has been a fashionable shopping street since the 18th century. It is probably Europe’s busiest boulevard and holds one of the most expensive strips of real estate in the world

  3. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills (CA), United States – This glamorous shopping area is known for its luxury stores. It is home to some of the region’s most expensive stores including Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermès, Burberry, and Coach. Rodeo Drive is the shopping street of Hollywood’s and Beverly Hills’ rich and the famous

   4.  Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich, Switzerland – Bahnhofstrasse is Zurich’s main downtown street and one of the world’s most expensive and exclusive shopping avenues. The avenue is lined with trees and filled with fashion designer boutiques as well as Swiss watches and Jewelry

   5.  Avenue Montaigne, Paris, France – Located at the 8th arrondissement of Paris, the Avenue Montaigne is home to luxury and high fashion stores such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, Fendi, Valentino and Ralph Lauren, jewelers like Bulgari and many more distinguished establishments

  6. Ginza, Tokyo, Japan – Ginza is a district in Tokyo known for its numerous department stores, boutiques, restaurants and coffeehouses. Ginza is recognized as one of the most luxurious shopping districts in the entire world

  7.  Via Monte Napoleone, Milan, Italy – This expensive shopping street is located in one of the fashion capitals of the world – Milan. The street is world famous for its fashion and jewelry shops and every famous fashion designer and shoemakers must have a representitive in this street.The Via Montenapoleone is the heart of the Milan Fashion District known as the Quadrilatero della moda

  8.   P.C Hooftstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands – This shopping street has developed during the last decade to become one of the most expensive shopping streets in the Netherlands. Many international and exclusive brand stores are located along the street, such as Cartier, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Hermès, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton and more

        9.Stroget, Copenhagen, Denmark – This carfree zone is located in the center of Copenhagen and is the longest pedestrian shopping area in Europe. Many of the most famous and expensive stores of Copenhagen are located along the six streets that compose Stroget, and the area has become one of the best tourists attractions in the city

         10.   Laugavegur, Reykjavik, Iceland – Perhaps not one of the biggest or busiest shopping streets in the world, this commercial area in downtown Reykjavik still has much to offer. It offers the finest goods in Iceland, and is one of the oldest shopping streets in the country. Like other streets on this list, here too there are many exclusive stores and the most expensive brands from all over the world

Grammar. Time clauses . Practise   slide 73 ex  4,5
Reading.  Megalopolis , slide 76
Hot  verbs./ make, do, take,get

I'll have bath until I go to bed.
I am coming to London tomorrow.I will ring you before I arrive.
If it is a nice day tomorrow,we can go swimming.
Wait here before I get back.
If you have any problems,just ask for help.
I want to get home until it gets dark.
I am going to have diving lessons until I pass my test.
Give me your address if you go home.

Fine.Remember I wil go out with Henry tonight.
Wll,if you have out as soon as I will ring,I leaves a message on the answerphone so you'll know I've arrived safely.

When the plane arrive on time,I was at the hotel about 10.00

All right.Give me a ring while you knows the time of your flight back,and I was picked you at the airport.

Thanks darling.Don't forget to water the planets if I was away.

10 interesting  facts on fast food

McDonald's is visited by 90 percent of American children on a monthly basis
Описание: Fast food trivia
One fast food hamburger contains meat from up to 100 different cows

Описание: Fast food trivia


French fries are the most popular type of fast food in America

Описание: Fast food trivia

A Frosty from Wendy's contains 14 ingredients

Описание: Fast food trivia

Taco Bell's taco salad has more than 52 grams of fat

Описание: Fast food trivia


Fountain soda machines contain fecal bacteria

Описание: Fast food trivia

American's don't visit fast food chains the most

Описание: Fast food trivia

Hash browns are worse than cheeseburgers

Описание: Fast food trivia

Strawberry milkshakes contain more than 50 different chemicals

Описание: Fast food trivia

Fast food restaurants aren't slowing down anytime soon

Описание: Fast food trivia

Answering  the following questions write about your best friend
How long have you known him/ her?

I known him almost 9 year

Where did you meet?
We meet in school 

Why do you get on well?

What do you have in common?

I don’t know))

Do you ever argue?What about?

Yes we argued, but not seriously, I can’t remember when but argued.

How  often do you see each other?
last year everyday, but this year once a week, because he has changed the school

Have you ever lost  touch . Why? When?

No we never lost the touch

Do you think you’ll stay friends?
Yes naturally 

I. Think of reasons for doing these things, for example: play the lottery – I play the lottery with some hope to win the jack pot. I study with a hope to find a good work in the future. People work to earn much money. We sleep to be more fresh, cheerful, and efficient. I go to the gym to become more hardworking and strong. I learn English to go to other countries and be able to communicate there with others. I am learning to cook to cook my favorite dishes myself. People plant trees to create new forests. II. Some difficult cases of turning direct speech into reported speech. He said, “No, thank you” He thanked, and said no. He said, “Yes, please. I’d like a cup of coffee with a piece of cake.” He said, that he'd like a cup of coffee with a piece of cake. He said, “You are from Armenia, aren’t you?” He asked am I from Armenia. He said, “I am sorry for keeping you waiting.” He said sorry for keeping me waiting. He said, “Are you coming with us or do you prefer to stay at the hotel?” He asked am I coming with them, or do I prefer to stay at the hotel.


Find some additional information about cellphones.

The history of mobile phones, covers mobile communication devices which connect wirelessly to the public switched telephone network.While the transmission of speech by radio has a long history, the first models that were wireless, mobile, and also capable of connecting to the standard telephone network are much more recent. The first such devices were barely portable compared to today's compact hand-held devices, and their use was clumsy.Along with the process of developing more portable technology, and better interconnections system, drastic changes have taken place in both the networking of wireless communication and the prevalence of its use, with smartphones becoming common globally and a growing proportion of Internet access now done via mobile broadband.

A man talks on his MOBILE PHONE  while standing near a conventional telephone box, which stands empty. Enabling technology for mobile phones was first developed in the 1940s but it was not until the mid 1980s that they became widely available. By 2011, it was estimated in the United Kingdom that more calls were made using mobile phones than wired devices.

My family

My family is a big family. We are a family of 13 people to `My grandfather, whose name is put in my name, , my grandmother`Gayane, my father Sevak my mother,`Lusine, my sister`Yeva ,great uncle`Manuk his wife`Armine and  2 two childrens, Gayane and Areg, small uncle`Gor , his wife Tamara and her daughter, Adriana and me. Our house greatest grandfather, and the youngest great uncle's little boy. In our house had 5 children and the day pass is very funny and interesting.My grandfather, my father and great uncle working whit cars, the youngest uncle is computer editor.


My best friend's name is Arayik. He is very nice boy. He has long brown hair and green or blue eyes.He is very cool, kind and with sense of humor. He understand's me and can keep all my secrets.We are always together. We watch films, go for a walk, and do other things together. We both like the same things and places, we think that we are very similar.


Yerevan is the capital of Armenia,and like the rest of the Armenians Yervan world capital. about 1,000,000 people live in Yerevan,50% of Armenia. I live in Yerevan  and I love my city. Another name of capital others says Pink City, because of the pink color painted , also say the country rocks.   I love the center of  Yerevan, , Opera, Northern Avenue, the central square and of course bangladesh where I born, live and learn. Yerevan is a very beautiful city, I love the Square fountains also say that Yerevan is one of the brightest cities in the world.


I have a lot of favorite hobbies, when I complete my homework than I like  doing my hobbies. One of my favorite hobby is computer games, I play different games, and play games with friends online. Also my favorite hobby  is to play in the yard with my friends, My hobby is books reading, I  read different books but I love read fascinatic and interesting books so much. One of my favorite things to do, to play chess with my sister, watching TV, and etc.

My Yesterday

Yesterday was Sunday, one of my favorite days because I had  already done lessons and I was free  all day.Yesterday I woke up at 12 ,washed, ate breakfast, played computer games a little bit, and then I went to shopping with my granny and my mother.Then when we came back home, I asked my father to take me to drive a car, we went to drive. a.  car when we came back  we had lunch, with the family then we watched a film, then went to the yard and played with my friends. My mother called for dinner. We had dinner, and then I played computer games  and my mother told me that I had to go to sleep.It was already 12 a'clock I went to bed and  my day ended.


Wine is an alcoholic drink that is most often made from the juice of grapes. Wine grapes are placed in large containers, then crushed or pressed to remove their juice. If white wine is being made, the grape skins are taken out of the juice. For red wine, the skins are left in. The juice is then fermented. Fermentation takes place when yeast turns the natural sugars found in grapes into alcohol. The skins of grapes have yeast on them, so yeast does not have to be added to make red wine but is added to make white wine. Fermentation takes from 10 to 30 days. After the grape juice has fermented, any material that has settled to the bottom of the container,including most of the yeast, is filtered out, or removed. Then the wine is put into large wooden containers and left to age. White wines do not need to be left very long, while red wines are usually left for two to three years before they are bottled. Once they are bottled, some red wines are aged up to 20 years before they are drunk. Wild grapes were discovered about 6,000 years ago by people living in what is now Iran and Iraq. They picked these grapes and learned how to make them into wine. Their knowledge and the seeds of these wild grapes were passed down over the centuries, likely by traders, to other people, including the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. They grew these grapes where they lived and made wine from them. The climate and soil of different regions produces different kinds of wines. Wine grapes grow best in a temperate climate, which is found in regions where temperatures never get very hot or very cold. In 2002, the countries that produced the most wine were France, Italy, Spain, the United States, and Australia.


1. Kids in North America spend approximately half a billion dollars on bubble gum every year.
2. The largest piece of gum ever was equivalent to 10,000 pieces of chewing gum!
3. 100,000 tons of bubble gum is chewed every year all around the world.
4. Chewing bubble gum is said to keep one from crying, as it reduces stress and helps in concentration.
5. Sixty to 70 percent of bubble gum is sugar.
6. One of the most famous, but false facts, is that swallowed gum will remain in your gastrointestinal tract for seven years. It is not so. Swallowed bubble gum will not get stuck to your intestines, but will pass through your system, because, gum base cannot be digested, as it has fiber that is indigestible.
7. Scientists found a 9,000 year old wad of chewing gum in Sweden.
8. The average American chews around 300 sticks of gum in one year.
9. The head of the Philadelphia Chewing Gum Company (who happens to be the makers of Swell Bubble Gum), Edward L. Fenimore, has been said to have blown a bubble within a bubble within a bubble, that is, a triple whammy.
10. In Africa, it was said that various tribes accepted large quantities of bubble gum in lieu of sheep and oxen, as payment for a wife.

11. Another cool fact is that if your popped bubble gets stuck in your hair, you can remove it by rubbing the piece stuck with peanut butter.
12. The color of the first successful bubble gum was pink, because it was the only color that was left with the inventor.
13. A mathematician once calculated and figured out that the energy Americans expend everyday when chewing bubble gum was enough to light a city of ten million people.
14. The first bubble gum ever marketed was done so under the name “Blibber-Blubber”.

Use the adjectives of the lesson in the sentences.

Today is a great day and I want to go for a walk

Huge man, was living in the forest, which was very good, he wanted to do good for people, but people had not liked him.

My mother was set dinner in  gas cooker, dinner was completed, but my mother wasn't in the kitchen, I saw that the dinner had boiling .I ran and turned off the gas.

I and my friends were playing football, after the game, we were exhausted and couldn't go home.

she did tiny surgery, made smaller nose and became more  beautiful.
In the forest lived a terrible and vicious animal that frightens everyone.
Today I was watching a fascinating and fantastic flim the main hero իս  Leonardo Di Caprio

Today I am very hilarious beacouse in 20 days is new year.
Today was so cold, the floor and the road was freezed

Sentences and questions in the Simple Present 
They plays hockey at school.
She doesn't write e-mails.
Do you speak English?
My parents do'nt like fish.
Does Anne have any hobbies?
Andy's brother works in an office.
Leroy couldn't read very fast.
Does Jim and Joe water the flowers every week?
Yvonne's mother doesn't ride a motorbike.
Does Elisabeth drink cola?


Anne does not answer my questions.
Do they sell tomatoes in this shop?
This girl does not wear trousers at school.
Does Mr Barker teach physics?
The guinea pigs don't hide under the desk.
Does Ken often miss the school bus?
The poster don't hang on the wall anymore.
Do you pay for the tickets?
The boys don't throw stones.
Do the bells of your church still ring?

You answered 15 tasks out of 15 correctly. That is 100%.
Peter Baker is from Manchester, but Paul and John are from London. Manchester and London are cities in England. Hamburg is a city in Germany. Sandra is at school today. Jack and Peter are her friends. They are in the same class. Mr and Mrs Baker are on a trip to the USA to visit their cousin Anne. She is a nice girl. Peter says: "My grandfather is in hospital. I am at home with my grandmother." What time is it? It is 8 o'clock. Are you tired? No, I am not.

You answered 10 tasks out of 10 correctly. That is 100%.
1.My mother is in the kitchen.                                                                                                                                                 2. The pupils are not at school today.
3 .Maria's grandmother is from Brazil.
4 .I am a football fan.
5 .It is Sunday today.
6. They are in the car.
7. His pencil case is at home.
8. Are you from Sheffield?
9.I am not your friend.
10.Hey John! We are here.

You answered 10 tasks out of 10 correctly. That is 100%.
1.How old are you?
2.What is that in English?
3.How are you?
        4.Where is your teacher?
5.Why is Gerry late?
6.Why are you upstairs?
7.Where is my pencil case?
8.Why are the children in the pool?                                                                                             9.When is his sister home?
10.What is for homework?

what / can / we / to do / to find /
 the stolen bike
What can we do to find the stolen bike?
who / to help / Roger / in the shop (Roger = Object)
Who helps Roger in the shop?
how / you / to feel
How do you feel?
Fill in the verbs in brackets into the gaps.
Hawaii is in the Pacific Ocean.
My aunt often jumps queues.
Water expands when it freezes.
Negate the sentences.
They hate fish.
They do not hate fish.
The sun goes around the earth.
The sun does not go around the earth.
The phone rings.
The phone does not ring.
Ask for the underlined parts.
The child plays the trumpet.
What does the child play?
He works 60 hours a week.
How many hours a week does he work?
We write to four pen friends.
How many pen friends do we write to?
Fill in the correct verb forms.
Anne and Peggy are too late.
It may rain later.
He should be at home by 10 o'clock.

1. Our father doesn't let  us WATCH TV.

2. "I will make  you run",the angry coach shouted.

3. The child said:" let  me stay up late, Mom."

4. Lucy asked :" Do your parents   let you go to the disco?

5. Sad movies sometimes  make people cry.

6. If you ask nicely, I'll   let you have the CD.

7. Robbers usually   make you give them all your

8. "Don't   make me get angry," my big sister warned me.

9. Our father will make  us clean up our room today.

10. People will help you if you let  them.

11. If you love some body,   let them go

12. Too much fast
 food   makes people grow fat.

            1. In class, we are not allowed to  chew gum.

            2. In a museum, people are not allowed to  take pictures.

            3. At the cinema, people are not allowed to  smoke.

           4. Karen is not allowed to  go out if she hasn't finished her homework.

           5. You are allowed to  watch TV late after 11 p.m tonight because tomorrow is                        Sunday.

          6. I am allowed to  go out with my friends late only at weekends.

          7. Kevin is allowed to  play video games after doing his homework.

          8. Your children are allowed to  play in the street until 5.00 pm.

         9. I'm sorry Madam, but you  are not allowed to walk on the grass.

       10. It  is not allowed to jump on the boat. It's really dangerous.

1    1.       You  are allowed to send (send) an e-mail to your teacher if you don't understand the exercise.

2. We  are not allowed to go (not/go) to the party because my parents don't know who Jim and Jack are.

3. You  are not allowed to drive (not/drive) a CAR at fifteen, Ian. You are simply too young.

4. I am allowed to use (use) the internet as much as I like at home.

5. We  are not allowed to jump (not/jump) today because of the bad weather. It's too dangerous.

6. You  are not allowed to talk (not/talk) during a test.

7. Mike  is allowed to play (play) a game on the computer; he has already finished his homework.

8. You  are not allowed to eat (not/eat) or drink in class.

9. When she was 14, she  was allowed to go out (go out) on Saturdays.
allowed to do in your school and what you aren’t
allowed to do in my school
aren’t allowed to do in մը school
In my school allowed to wear normal clothes, which you want
aren’t allowed chewing gum
In my school allowed to  Make lessons with computer ,
But don’t play computer games
In my school allowed to climb on the tables and switch projector
aren’t allowed gum solder under the table
In my school allowed to  escape from the lessons if they don't notice
aren’t allowed escape from the lessons
In my school allowed to dance

I got to the post ofice just before it closed and come the letter

We invited Stephanie to the party,but she doesn't come.

Jack lost job beacouse he take too many mistakes.

Eveyone  have thatis was Bill's fault,but nobody said anything/

Karen send the keys from the kitchen table and ran out the door.

I was bored,so Mum give me some money to go shooping.

Do you remember the time we have to india on holiday

It started raining but luckily I have  an umbrella in my bag.

some items, which help you to live longer 

for example sport.Sport help you to live longer,sport makes your body,`nice, powerful, vigorous, morning warm-up help you to live longer too.
No smoking-when you smoking your lungs are damaged.
Don’t use alcohol- alcohol is hurting your heart,and  stomach.

Future Profession
I have not yet exactly choose what job I should do, but I know which direction I go.So  find a job, I will go, in mathematics for example accountant ,a banker or financier, at least I'll go in that direction. The accountant calculates the expenses and revenues of the companies or factories in a month.

Answer the questions: 

What are the best part-time jobs in the place where you live? 
I live in Armenia`Yerevan,in this place have very few jobs.And this jobs have very hard and bad.Have many good jobs,but this works is chairman,minister, deputy ect. In a good work, need to be smart brain.

What jobs do you think will exist in fifty years that don’t exist now?

I think in fifty years ago will exist`air taxis, Airline tours in  the Cosmos, Augmented Reality Architects, 3D Food-Printer Engineers, Book-to-App Converters, Robot Polishers, Heavy Air Engineers, Time Brokers – Time Bank Traders.


This man is Lionel Messi and today I'll take an interview from him.
Hi my favorite football player
-Can I ask you some quesions?
-Yes of course.
-Can you tall us the secret of success?
-Hmm I think that is a difficult quesion but I will try to answer you.
-Thats 25% talent, 25% hardworking and 50% soul.
-What do you think is there anybody  in our planet how playes football better than you?
-I think mmm….of course there is better than me, but we know that there is no the best in the world.
-What do you think who is  better you`Leo or Cristiano?
-I can’t answer that question,but you can find it with our fans.
-What do you think who will receive a gold ballon d''Or this year.
-I think this football player is Suarez,because he played very good football  this year and scored many goals.
-Thank you so much Leo Messi for the interview.
-Welocome Thank you too.


Shop assistant-վաճառող
The shop assistant of goods is conducted, said the problem with the code and asked buyer to bring anyone else.

supermarket shelf stacker-սուպերմարկետի  դարարակների հսկիչ
supermarket shelf stacker noticed that someone is trying to steal shelf  goods and caught him.

babysitter couldn't calm the child because the child was very naughty and always wanted to cry.
when that restoraints came out 2 boys they had forgotten to take his phones and the waiter took their phones ran to the boys about giving phones.
 cinema usher-կինոի հսկիչ

Cinema usher enter  the guard  and saw that in the  movie someone  smoking, and she asked them that in the movie don’t smoking.

homework tutor-տնային աշխատանքների  օգնող ուսուցիչ
Homeword tutor help me to done my homworks end done it’s well and right.



1.    Max has not been reading this comic book.
2.    How long have they been learning French?
3.    I have not been driving for two months now.
4.    Has she been walking the whole morning?
5.    Who has been digging in the garden?
6.    It has not been raining much in this area.
7.    How long have you been wearing this earring?
8.    Marie has not been writing in her diary.
9.    Has he been drawing matchstick figures the whole lesson?
10. What have we been doing?


1.    Andrew has not been living in the country.
2.    How long have your grandparents been driving this car?
3.    They have not been cycling.
4.    Tony has not been reading this book, but Mary has.
5.    How long has he been waiting for her?
6.    Has Andy been working on the blue car?
7.    My brother has not been studying hard enough.
8.    How long have they been looking for a flat?
9.    I have not been doing my homework.
10. Have you been sleeping the whole morning?



1.    I have already listened to music.
2.    I have not gone swimming yet.
3.    I have already taken some photos.
4.    I have already helped Jane in the kitchen.
5.    I have not played the guitar yet.
6.    I have already had fun with my friends.
7.    I have not washed my shirts yet.
8.    I have not made my bed yet.
9.    I have already done the washing-up.
10. I have not spoken to my maths teacher yet.


1.    I have never worked in a restaurant before.
2.    Has Robin ever missed the school bus?
3.    They have known each other for a long time now.
4.    Have you dyed your hair yet?
5.    She has visited India twice.
6.    My parents have helped me a lot since I lost my job.
7.    He has not brushed his teeth yet.
8.    We have already planted the apple tree.
9.    Tom has grown up a lot since I last saw him.
10. Ken and Fred have not decided to go to the party yet.


Online,An introduction by a friend,At a social or sport club,At a party

Օնլայն շփումը, իմ կարծիքով ոչ մի դրական կողմ չունի միակ լավ բանը այն է որ երբ մարդիկ իրարից հեռու են լինում կարողանում են շվել իրար հետ գոնե այդ ձև և մերմանում իրար հետ մինչև հանդիպումը:Մարդիկ այդ ձևով չպետք է շբվեն իրար հետ օնլայն այլ դեմ առ դեմ իմ կարծիքով դա ավելի հաճելի է:

Խնջույքների ժամանակ ավելի հարմար է ընկերանալը քանի որ մարդկանց դրամադրությունը ավելի լավ է մարդիկ բարի են այդ ժամանակ, իմ կարծիքով ամենահարմար տարբերակը դա խնջույքն է:

Սպորտի ժամանակ ընկերանալը շար սխալ է ես կարուծում եմ եթե պարապում ես պետք է ուշադրություն չդրացնես ոչնչի և պարապես տքնաջան:

In School, in university in tumo,in the yard and everyone

Color or colour is the visual perceptul property corresponding in humans to the categories called red, blue, yellow, etc. Color derives from the spectrum of light(distribution of light power versus wavelength) interacting in the eye with the spectral sensitivities of the light receptors. Color categories and physical specifications of color are also associated with objects or materials based on their physical properties such as light absorption, reflection, or emission spectra. By defining a color space colors can be identified numerically by their coordinates.
Because perception of color stems from the varying spectral sensitivity of different types of cone cells in the retina to different parts of the spectrum, colors may be defined and quantified by the degree to which they stimulate these cells. These physical or physiological quantifications of color, however, do not fully explain the psychophysical perception of color appearance.
The science of color is sometimes called chromatics, colorimetry, or simply color science. It includes the perception of color by the human eye and brain, the origin of color in materials, color theory in art, and the physics of electromagnetic radiation in the visible range (that is, what we commonly refer to simply as light).


Able-I'm not able to go to  a rock concert in the club because my father is  ill and I'm looking after   him.
Obviously- it is  obviously clear that this man is  the thief.
Lying-he is lying because  when he lies he turns  red.
Offer- I offer to go to the cinema to watch the new film <<Star Wars>> .

Mustn’t vs.don’t have to, used to

I used to play football after lessons but my mom tald me you mustn’t learn your lessons than go to yard.I said I don’t have to learn my lessons than go to yard I go to yard than learn my lessons.


Today I will tell you about  my September 1. I can say it's my favorite day of  school, this day   passes very happily and wonderfully. I moved to 9th grade, that  is why 50% of teachers has changed, meeting with them ,  good mood, but more fun  with friends. After a long break, finally we see each other, greet, congratulate and go  to  general training, a  lot of laughter  and going  to classes. Of course we don’t have  lessons today we talk  with the teachers and so on this day. Then after classes we come together in one place and speak about  summer holidays. And then go home and talk about what happened  at scհool.

create new words, using the noun suffixes, explain your words.



ist-artist, typist, stylist

er-speaker, teacher, trainer

ship-friendship,hardship, worship

Write a dialogue, where you speak with your friend, using question tags

Go on a march-go on march is  very dangerous, but also enjoyable.
Environmental protection- environmental protection, should always, if you do not purify, cleanse the environment?
Teenager- Teenagers always want to grow up and  adults want to become teenagers.
Adult-In Armenia  adults  become  at  the age  of 18.
Global warming- As a  result  of global warming,  forests burnt  in America
Argue- children argue more than adults

Write your opinion about innovative technologies. Do they help us or not

The new technologies help us a lot, for example many years ago  a lot of people died beacause of  heart diseases,but today the  medicine has diveloped  a lot and 99%  of people are cured,or cell-phones.When they were not cell phones it was very difficult for people.In 1990s when cell-phones appeared people could communicate with each other more easily,or photo albums. In 2000s when  photo albums were still in paper it was very good, but now they  have  changed over the yearsWhen  I move the  photo from one phone  into another the quality comes down.But so I think the innovative technologies help us a lot .

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